The Process Continued Page 37
There was only two problems with the installation of the tin ceilings, one was holding the 4 foot by 2 foot sheet
up against the ceiling while I tried to nail it in place by myself and the second was all the old paint falling off as I
tried to install them most of which feel in to my face and my eyes. I was finally able to install the ceiling with a
little less quality than I had hoped for but in the end it added a little bit more character. With everything else
done it was now time to try and acid stain the floor. I did some research and found out to truly acid stain the
floor I would need to throughly rinse out the floor after I applied the acid, this was not an option as I have
nowhere to spray the water and remove the water. So I went with a water based stain and figured I would see
how it came out. Well if I do say so myself I was thrilled with my finished project even if it was the first time I had
ever done it. Pattie now wants the rest of the basement done sometime and i am thinking of doing the garage
floor with it this summer if it ever stops raining long enough to accomplish this.
All in all the wine cellar took up a good four months of time to accomplish but in the end it adds just one more
detail and it adds a room for Pattie and her friends sit, drink and whine.