The Process Continued page 34
June 8, 2010 Day 1,736
I have not been able to get much work done around the house lately as the weather has been very wet. I have
also been residing a section of my mother in laws house as of late and will spend most of today doing that as well.
The gutters are suppose to be installed today. They were originally scheduled for Thursday last week but it got
rained out. I found that to be a bit ironic that my gutters could not be installed because of rain however I certainly
understand. I hope to get part of the back of the Carriage house painted this morning before driving down to
Boothbay Harbor to continue my siding work.
Later this evening I will be meeting with Chris again to discuss the cost of his landscaping plan and decide if we
can afford to go ahead and start that work. Hopefully he is reasonable.
I am not sure if I had talked about the bill from my electrician that showed up on the week of Christmas six months
after he had ever done any work at my house. We were at odds on this bill for two reasons, one it's timing six
months late and two he was already over his estimated cost. However we were able to work out a solution. He is
taking back that bill and finishing the rest of the electrical work (no he has not finished it yet) for free. Sometimes
is pays to stand your ground when you feel you are being mistreated or overcharged.
In case you have been wondering the training for my marathon has been going well and my long run is now up to
17 miles, only 9.2 miles further and I will have run a marathon distance. Yes this is an important part of the
restoration process as it is taking away valuable time from Cross Point Farm however we all need to break up an
addiction every now and then and this is my way of forcing myself to take a little break on the restoration project.
Fear not though we will continue to pick and plug away at the house, the lawns and the barns over this year and
then I will be back full force this winter.
June 29, 2010 Day 1,757
On the last entry I was meeting with Chris to get an estimate on the landscaping with hopes that he would be
reasonable. He came back at more than double the budget I had given him. So I sent him back to the drawing
board to come up with a better plan. However in the end we decided to cut down the amount of work he will be
doing and coming in at our budget. This way we get the look we want and the cost we want. Besides there is
plenty of time in the years to come to finish the landscaping and with the plans in hand I can do some of the
work and save even more money. Which I did by bringing in the fill needed to raise the bed and by doing the
stone work for the walkways.
Now as always everything is easier said than done. I was working on the fill only having about ten more bucket
loads to go when I went to get Pattie a load of mulch for the planting area she was working in when suddenly the
tractor stops. The left rear tire fell off. Now I had not been paying attention to the wheel I mean who does? Do
you check your lug nuts on your car every time you head off to work? No so I was very surprised to see only one
lug nut left in the wheel. It took me about 20 minutes to get the wheel on good enough to limp the tractor back to
the barn and wait for the service people, however in about 15 minutes Pattie came to see why she did not have
her mulch. We ended up shoveling it in to a wheel barrel to spread that load and then calling it a day. So this
was on a Sunday and Chris was to start on a Tuesday but now he would have to wait. The tractor company took
until this Tuesday (today) to get my tractor back but that was OK as I was not home this weekend as Pattie and I
were climbing Mt. Katahdin. So today I worked on the stone walkway and the fill and we are ready for Chris to
come back and finish the project. Chris did get some of the work done last week as I did have most of the fill
already in place. The stone walkway by the back door is finished and Chris plans to be back on Thursday. I will
have photos once everything is done.
July 6, 2010 Day 1,764
Another crazy week here at Cross Point Farm. I will not fill you in on the details but it has been crazy as any one
who has had teenagers can attest to.
The weather has been un-Maine like as in humid and in the nineties. I was able to finish to steps from the
breezeway patio to the back yard and I was hoping to put the sod in on Monday. However things did not go as
planned. I had called Skillins Garden shop on Friday they said they have 23 rolls of sod I said great I will be down
there on Monday to pick it up as they were closed on Sunday for the fourth. When I got there they told me all
their sod had been reserved. Now it would have been nice for them to tell me to reserve it or pay for it in advance
but instead I made a wasted trip to Brunswick.
So when I came back home I went to the lumber yard instead and started to build the wishing well to go over our
hand dug well. This wishing well will also house Pattie's birdhouse so between the size of the actual well and the
size of her birdhouse this is a big wishing well. Four foot by four foot wide three feet tall to the opening ( so kids
can not fall in) another three feet to the beginning of the roof (for room to look in and get water) and then 16"
from the base to the landing for the bird house which is a good three feet tall. So it should stand over 10 feet tall.
Good thing we have a tall house, everything looks smaller against our 37 foot tall house.
On a side note after working over five days and 36 hours on my Mother in Law's house my Christmas present of
siding part of her house for her is done. Yahoo!
I have a business trip that will take me out of town for a few days next week but I hope to find time to finish the
wishing well. I have also reserved 25 rolls of sod for Sunday so hopefully we will have grass around our gardens.
After that my time will be spent getting ready for our annual Lobster Bake which is just 19 Days away.
Above is the bird house sitting on top of the roof and in the photo to the left is our wishing well base
see photos of the landscaping at recent photos on the home page link
October 26, 2010 Day 1,876
Boy has it been a while since my last entry. Where do I start? Well perhaps why it has been so long since my
last entry. Pattie and I have been training for a race. I ran a marathon and Pattie ran a half marathon in
Hartford Connecticut on October 9, 2010. It was an amazing experience however all the training kept me from
doing a lot of work around the farm. We did accomplished some things so let us review.
When I last left you I was building the wishing well. This project did not turn out the way I wanted. Pattie did not
like the looks of it and I was not overly thrilled with it, but did not hate it the way she did. So before I could even
finish painting it I removed it to the back of the barn where it lays with a the rest of my waste from past projects.
This is perhaps the first real big project that I had to abandon so I guess in the overall scheme of things that is
not too bad. It was however a waste of over $250 and about 30 hours of work.
I was able to finally get my sod and finish the lawn area around our new garden in time for our annual Lobster
bake. I was very happy to have made that investment as it made the landscaping look finished. Besides with
over 120 people at our Lobster Bake the traffic would have killed the lawn had I just planted grass seed.
We of course as mentioned in the previous paragraph had our annual Lobster Bake with over 120 guest. We
had a great time although I did not enjoy this one as much as 2009's party. Perhaps because I was not drinking
very much because I was in training.
After the party our attention turned to the race which was just 70 days away so all work halted on the farm for
fear that I would pull a muscle or throw out my back. Once the race was over though I was eager to get back to
work. I started with cleaning up the back area of the barn cutting and stacking all the wood from the
landscaping projects and I have a wood splitter coming next Tuesday to split the big logs. All of this will come in
handy next winter when we crank to wood stove up again and the wood is dry enough to burn.
While I have been working on the wood I have also started back on finishing the breezeway with hopes that
Cooper is out of his chewing stage. I planed and sanded the 2X10 pieces of oak to make steps for the stairs
which lead from the Breezeway in to the Music room. Then I stained, varnished and installed them. After that I
refinished the door for the closet which was an amazing turn around from it's current condition if I do say so
myself. Then today I started to install the base boards while the guy from Protection One upgraded our security
system. By Sunday I hope to have the entire breezeway done. Now I know I have made claims like this before
but I am renewed with energy and ambition after my long sabbatical from the house.
Yes while I basically took almost 7 months off from working on the house this year I think it was a much needed
break both mentally and physically not to mention financially so now I am ready to go at the house and the
barns once again. So look for more entries on the website as I am back!
November 9, 2010 Day 1,890
It has been one thousand eight hundred and ninety days since we first started to work on Cross Point Farm and
today with the exception of some day projects such as the wine cellar and finishing the interior of the garage
the house is finally done. I have just finished painting the baseboard  the final coat and the room is done and
with that so is my project with the house. Of course a house is never truly done as we still have landscaping
and constant improvements but for all intensive purposes the house is done. So now what? Should I sit back
and reflect on the journey? Or perhaps I should open a bottle of Champagne? No in a few hours i will be across
the street starting to install some new windows in the barns, my next project.
This is the great thing about this project I will never really be done. When I bought the place I estimated the
project to take about ten years for me to finish completely. We are currently on five years and two months so I
seem to be right on schedule. As if there is really a schedule to a project of this size. Either way it has been an
amazing journey and while I am finished I have yet just started. Thank you for following along on this journey
and we will continue as we work this winter on the Phase IV The Barns.
Below are some photos of the finished Breezeway except for the piece of trim work that I have to replace that
my dog chewed.