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November 13, 2009 Day 1,523
I have to admit I have been enjoying tearing down and rebuilding the barn. I guess I will never get tired of this
project just broke.
Since my last entry ten days ago I have completely torn down all the walls and removed the bathroom. I also
have removed all the electrical wires that ran the lights and bathroom fans etc. However as always with me
and electricity, not without incident. I was trying to find out why the outlet I rewired the day before was
suddenly not working anymore when I came across a wire that was disconnected from the panel or so it
seemed. When I cut the wire to remove it from the other area with the bolt cutters BOOM. It was quite the
explosion. Luckily I was holding the cutters on the rubber handles and felt nothing. After that I decided to
check the wires a little closer before I cut them again.
Once I was able to finish the rewiring of the barn (yes the outlet is now working) I installed the barn boards
that I had saved on the remaining wall. I then went to putting the barn back together and store all my stuff. It is
nice to have a nice big work bench on the first floor of the barn and a place to store all my stuff in it's own
place. It will also be nice to have the extra room for our barn dance next summer.
On one of my trips to the dump dropping off all the old wood to the wood pile I came across an old post and
beam building someone had thrown into the wood pile. It was then that I wished I had a bigger truck and also
had gotten there about 30 minutes earlier. By the time I arrived the wood was mostly covered under a load of
other wood but I was able to get one 14 foot long beam in my truck which has a 5 foot long bed. It was a slow
ten mile ride home but I made it. Now I have a nice beam to use when I get to the next room which will need a
support when I remove a wall. Go to my recent barn photos to see the beam and the finished barn area.
Just a note since I mentioned the going broke part, this project only cost me $49 dollars and $12 of that was
for a tool the tells me if wires are live or dead. Plus I have a nice beam for the barn! Not a bad deal as far as
renovation costs go.
Recent Barn Photos
January 27, 2010 Day 1,604
Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 75 days since my last blog on my website. Hard to believe that
75 days has passed since I last updated my website. Partially due to my increase of responsibilities at work
and partly due to my to my annual vacation from working on the house during the month of December. I try to
spend that time with my wife and family. However I have not been without work since December 31st.
During January I have been building the second part of the bookcase for the music room. I finished it on
Tuesday but realized that I had made a mistake and now I will have to take most of it apart on Sunday. This
was not something I wanted to do. This will teach me to go a little slower on projects (no not really) but I was a
little upset to say the least. At first glance one can not notice it but stare at the bookcase long enough and it
can find the mistake.
I finished the barn project by the end of November and hope to get back in the barns again for more work as
the weather warms up a bit in March. In the mean time I will be finishing up all the little projects inside the
house that I have not go around to doing.
On Tuesday I drove to Connecticut and back to pick up an antique living room set that Pattie bought on ebay.
At first I was unsure of the color but it seems to blend nicely in the parlor. (Photos in recent photos)
It is nice to be at the stage were we can start to decorate the house instead of constantly building.
I promise to keep the website up to date a little better and I am sure to have more photos soon as we ordered
the floor for the breezeway today.
Can you see the mistake?
February 5, 2010 Day 1,613
I figured out a solution on the bookcase. In case you did not see the problem when I put the
center trim piece on it was not wide enough to hide the shelf supports. This is because I spaced
the two sections to far apart. The solution was to pull out the supports and replace them with  
small finish screws to hold the shelf in place. Then I painted them the same color as the
bookcase and they (for the most part) disappear. This was the quickest and easiest fix. It
certainly was better than tearing everything a part and rebuilding the sections closer together.
The finished product
February 16, 2010 Day 1,624
Today is Tuesday and I had to work half a day today so my time to work on the house is limited. I hope to start
to prime the trim work in Erinn's bedroom. I know this should have been done a long time ago but it has
always been low on the priority list. Besides any one who has had teenagers knows how hard it is to be in
their room let alone get any work done in there. So I decided to wait until she went to college and now that
she is in college I am finishing the trim work. We also had the granite people here this afternoon to fix a few
chips in the counter tops and reseal around the bathroom sink. Hopefully John Pratt will be here today to
install the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room. He said he was coming but he has said that
before. He is a great guy and he helps me with these little projects when I feel it is over my head or I do not
have the proper tools so I can not complain when he can not get here as quick as I would like him to get here.
However like I told Pattie if he came every time he said he would be here he would be living with us. So now I
am off to work on Erinn's room and wait and hope for John's arrival.
March 9, 2010 Day 1,645
Since my last entry we have installed the swing door leading in to the dining room. I have finished all the trim
work in Erinn's Bedroom and the floor was installed in the breezeway.
The door was a bit of a hassle getting it to fit and we had to actually have the door enlarged to fit the opening
but it turned out great and provides the dining room with a little bit more privacy.  On the kitchen side I feel the
door made the kitchen feel a bit more homey and older than just having an opening in to the dining room.
Either way so far it has kept Cooper out of the dining room and away from chewing on the antique Asian rug
which was the original purpose of the door.
I was happy to finally finish Erinn's room which allows me to write off one more room on my list.
Finally getting the floor in the breezeway was a big moment. It takes the room from construction to finished. I
still have a little bit of base board to install and then paint before I am finished but I am getting closer.

Today Pattie and I went to look at another home that was for sale on the ocean in Southport. The location was
great but the house needed a lot of work and not worth the price they were asking. Later today the Realtor
who represented us in the purchase of Cross Point Farm came up to our house to view it. She had not seen
the house since it was still just studs and she seemed impressed.  She is going to figure up a price that our
house should list for. Now for all you Cross Point Farm fans we most likely will not move but it is always fun to
look at options and you never know. It has been almost five years since we bought this place and  we have
said never before and yet ended up eating those words. We did find another house which was beautiful and
had water views and access which is for sale and we might check that out as well. Time will tell but our heart is
here at Cross Point Farm and to sell this place and move the other location would have to be amazing.
I have included some photos of the door and floor in the recent photo section and will update the website
again as the progress continues.