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September 16, 2008 Day 1100
Julian finally came back with an estimate. He was $2400 higher than my guesstimate. Not too bad, if I do say so
myself. Today I started to do the homework required for the project as we hope to start digging by the first of
October. I drove to Portland to look at and price windows and doors for the project, I also stopped at Port City
flooring to pick up some samples for the floor from my friend Paul. On my way back I stopped in Freeport to look at
cupolas for the Carriage House. I found one I liked, but I still need to show it to Pattie and then if she likes it I will
order it. They are going to make it a little taller than the standard size. Not too much,  just about six inches so that
we will have a little more height off the roof.  
As always cost and budget will be an issue. I have already found that the windows have gone up over $200 a
piece since we bought them in 2005. The doors I wanted were $3000 and $6500, needless to say I am looking at
other doors.
We are very excited about starting this project but at the same time I am excited that this will be the last really big
project for our place. The expense, the work, the project itself and the time that is involved can be very stressful
and being 1100 days into this project I am hoping to someday return to a calmer more normal life.
Speaking of work and time I am almost finished with the Media room trim work, I am hoping to have it all done by a
week from Sunday with the exception of the painting. I know I had plans to have the whole house done by now, but
I will be happy to have it done minus the paint before phase two starts.
Pattie has started a project of her own she is having some built ins made for the dinning room. You notice I said
made. She is smarter than I am, she has hired Allan Walton a local cabinet maker and artist to build them for her. I
am not a cabinet maker nor do I play one on T.V. So it was wise for her to hire someone. Besides with Phase two
starting I would have gone crazy trying to do everything.
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September 23, 2008 Day 1107
Pattie picked up our weather vane yesterday. She was heading down towards Freeport anyways so I called and
asked her to see if it would fit in the car. She called back saying she had it and it fit in the car. A little while
afterwards I received a call from the weather vane place to say they gave her the wrong one. Great I thought now
if I can not reach her I have to drive an hour and a half round trip to return it, or if Pattie has already driven
towards home she will have to turn around and drive there all over again. Luckily she was still in Freeport having
stopped at all the stores, so she drove down the road and picked up the new one.
I am still waiting on prices on windows and garage doors and Julian still has not sent me the written proposal as
he stated he was going to. The ineptness of people lately really bugs me, I have five people I have contacted and
all five have not been able to deliver what they said they would do. I would think that with the economy the way it
is, they would have the time and desire to make sure they got and kept my business. Perhaps the economy is not
as bad as the papers are saying it is .
Today I will continue to work on the trim work in the Media room hoping to get all that done before Julian arrives,
which at this point I feel pretty confident that I will, not that I am that quick but that he is that slow. We did at least
get the building permit and once Julian starts he will work solely on our house until it is finished.
October 14, 2008 Day 1128
Three years and 4 days later Julien returns to start Phase Two of Cross Point Farm. It is hard to believe that it
has been three years and yet it is hard to believe that it has only been three years. Time goes by in weird ways.
In case you have been living in a cave lately. The World's economy has taken a big dive. This has caused some
concern for Patrice and myself as to whether we should go ahead with the construction or hold on to our money.
Since I sell cars for a living my pay is directly tied to the economy and the banking situation. We decided,
perhaps against better judgement to go ahead with the construction. Life is a self fulfilling prophecy and it you
decide it will be bad, it will. If you figure you will find a way to get through it, you normally do. So Hells Bells and off
we go.
Today the ground is being dug up so that the footings can be set and poured. Once that is done, then he will be
able to come back and pour the foundation. We are building these two rooms on a slab and the breezeway will
have radiant floors. So once they foundation is poured we will need to run the tubing for the radiant heat. The
Carriage house will have another source of heat to be determined at a later time. The Carriage house will not be
insulated  so any heat source we use will be just to quickly bring the temperature up above freezing for washing
cars or spending a long period of time in the building. The rest of the time, at this moment anyways, the building
will not be heated. Things may change later on but with the cost of oil etc. I do not see us heating the cars at any
time soon.
Due to the economy we might have to take some time to finish this project as it is a cash deal and when we get
below our safety net construction will stop.
Allan Walton is getting closer on finishing the built ins which is good because I know Pattie wants them for
Thanksgiving. I do not have any photos of those at this time but will post them once the built ins arrive.
October 21, 2008 Day 1135
The frost walls have been poured as of today. The forms will come off on Thursday and they hope to have the
floors poured sometime next week. While the cement truck was here this morning I was inside working on the
banister. I sanded down the banister on the first flight of stairs up to where the second flight starts. Once I was
done with that I stained all the balusters and the railing. This is a time consuming project and I still need to
varnish the railings with two coats of varnish. I figure this to take about 16 to 20 hours. It is not fun but I hope it will
be worth it when I am finished. Besides it is inside work and it does not cost a lot to do this project. So at this point
that makes for a perfect project.
October 28, 2008 Day 1142
Not much has happened in the last week. The forms came off as planned on Thursday and that is the last we
have seen of anyone. It rained today and I think that this might slow them down a little bit, but I do not know their
plan, other than to pour the floor on Thursday. It seems to me that there is a lot of work left to do in one day, but I
am not the contractor so I will not worry. Besides I guess it does not matter if the floor is poured on Thursday or
Friday as long as it is poured before it starts to freeze. Which will be soon. The windows and the exterior doors
were delivered today this time it only took one trip! Hey they are getting better over the years or perhaps the
driver finally knows where I live.
I was away for the weekend so I did not get any work done on Sunday , however I was able to get a first coat of
varnish on one evening last week and then I put the second coat on today. So now all I have to do is sand, stain,
and put three coats of varnish on the  new railing which leads up from the second floor to the third floor and then
around the opening on the third floor.  
I hope to have more to report next week and perhaps we will start to see some of the frame work go up.
November 4, 2008  Day 1149
Today was election day so I elected to paint our new built ins. They were built by Allan Walton and on Sunday
Allan and I installed them in my dining room.  Allan did a great job on the cabinets, Pattie wanted them to look like
her Mother's built ins and I must say that they look a lot a like. I had to cut a hole into the dining room wall and
then frame out the area that the cabinet was going to slide in to. The corner unit was just attached to the wall so
that one was relatively easy. They were only primed so I have to paint two coats of paint on them, which will take a
while. I have promised Pattie that they will be done for Thanksgiving. I know you have heard that before, but this
time they will be. I was able to get two coats of paint on the inside of the cabinets and shelves, and one coat of
paint on the door and outside of one of them. So by tomorrow night I should have one cabinet completely done.  I
hope to work on the other cabinet on Thursday night and this will give me Sunday to finish that one.
Julien arrived today and started to work on the slab prep work. I was hoping he would be pouring the concrete
floor this week but now he is talking next Monday. He was going to pour it last Thursday but never showed at all
last week. This week would have been perfect as it will be in the sixties tomorrow but he is pouring a floor else
where tomorrow. At least he is not getting hurt by the economy. Hopefully we will have a shelter before the snow
Here is a picture of the built in
that went in to the wall. As you
can see it is not painted yet.
We wanted something that
looked like it had been there
all along and I think we were
able to achieve that with this
cabinet. Thank you Allan for a
great job!
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