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September 4, 2008 Day 1088
Julian finally called and was asking questions over the Holiday weekend, however no prices yet. Time is
getting close and I fear if he comes in too high we will have to wait until next spring to start the project.I
suppose we could always get as much done as we can and then continue on from there, but there is no
sense in worrying until I get the figures.
Over the weekend the painters showed up and painted the top peak of the north side of the house. It was
easier than renting staging and doing it myself.
Saturday the tree guy comes and takes down the four trees we hired him to do. We will miss our old
Chestnut tree but it is better to take it down on our terms than have it fall down on it's terms. On Tuesday
the water filter people will install our reverse osmosis system. If you follow the trail you can see why I am
worrying about the cost of the addition. It all costs money, but it all needs to be done.
September 5, 2008 Day 1089
Friday September 5, 2008 was the official ground breaking day for phase 2 (the carriage house addition)
for Cross Point Farm. The ceremony was attended by Patrice Carter CEO, John Carter CFO and Project
manager, Erinn Chipman, Sam Chipman, Pat Carter, Gretchen Cormier and Cross Point Farm Website Fan
of the Year Don Cormier
From left to right Patrice Carter, John Carter, Don Cormier and Pat Carter
September 7, 2008
With the hurricane Hanna coming up the shoreline the tree people did not show Saturday to cut
down the trees. This turned out to be a good thing as our neighbor who owns the land next to the
old farm road stopped by to claim that road as theirs. It was pointed out to us as ours but she
insists the deed states otherwise. I was not going to argue over it and if they own it then that is
fine. So she would like us to halt the process of the farm road. She wants the privacy if they ever
build a house. So we will now just cut down the Chestnut tree (which is definitely on our property
and limb the trees hanging over our house. Everything always works out for the best. If they truly
own the road I can understand their concern of us improving it so it is just as well that they did not
come out and cut the trees down. Also if they are going to build a house there some day we
would like as much privacy from them as well. I have to say she was nice about it and we do want
to be good neighbors. Although I thought the road was looking nice and was a big improvement.
Oh well on to other projects
September 10, 2008 Day 1094
The tree guys came Tuesday and started to limb the trees, they did not make it to the Chestnut tree
prior to the storm so they will be returning today. The water system people came and improved
our reverse osmosis system and that seems to finally be working correctly.  Don't look now but
with the help of one of the painters I was able to get the rooster back on his perch. Here is to
hoping the third time is the charm.
Once I was done with assisting all the contractors etc. I spent the rest of the day trimming out the
media room windows. There is seven of them so this is taking a little while. Not to mention the
amount of walking involved when I need to cut a board. Down three floors and then down out
back to the basement of the barn and then back again. At least it is good exercise.
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