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We are still waiting for Julian to get us a estimate for framing out the Breezeway and Carriage House. I know
he has been busy and I am trying to be understanding, but we did meet about it on the second week of June.
He claims we are still scheduled for a September start date but I do not even know if we can afford to build it
let alone start it in September. I also need to apply for the building permit and have everything in place before
he can start. I hope to hear from him soon and I do not want to use anyone else but I have to admit it is a bit
frustrating.  I have talked with the painter Richard about starting the paint work above the pigeon stoops on
the south side of the house. This way we will not have to paint that area from the roof top of the breezeway.
I am sure that he too is behind in work especially with all the rain we have had. However he needs to get in
there prior to Julian or he will have a lot harder time painting and I will end up with a larger bill I'm sure. Boy
how I look forward to the days when I no longer have to have contractors to plan and work around, let alone
pay, but I think I have said that before and here I am again. Once we finish phase two I still have two more
phases all of which will require some contractors to one extent or another. I guess it is just the price you pay
to renovate a house. I wish I had the means,tools, ability and time to do all the work myself but some jobs are
bigger than a one man job and some jobs I just do not have the talent to accomplish on my own and I will not
even get into time situation.
During the weekend of our party Scott Tindall installed two railings for the front steps. He made them so they
looked the same as the railing we have leading down to the basement (future home of the wine cellar) this is a
design that Pattie made by combining a few different railings that Scott had pictures of. The railings look
great and it was nice of Scott to rush the job to have them installed in time for our party. Thank you Scott.
I hope to have a picture of the front of the house with the railings online soon as well as some more
landscaping pictures. I will link them to this page when I get around to taking the photos and uploading them.
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I got around to it !!!
August 27, 2008
I talked to a couple of Arborists yesterday, both were very nice but I decided to go with Bob Driscoll Tree
Services. He was the least expensive and he also noticed our Chestnut tree. He showed me how it was
dying and hollowed out and that we should take it down before a storm does for us and it lands on our
house. We loved the tree and I really did not want to spend the extra $450 to bring it down but I agreed
with him that it is better safe than sorry. So on September 6 they will arrive and remove four trees for us
which are near our house. At least I will have a lot of firewood next year. I worked on the old farm road
all day Tuesday and Sam helped me for about 3 hours in the afternoon. He is getting good with the tractor
and enjoys using it , so I let him work the tractor while I do the manual labor. The picture aboves shows
the road all cleared out as far back as we can go until we get those fore mentioned trees out of the way.
In the picture you are looking at about 100 feet of road. The picture is a bit deceiving.
The Process Cont.