Cross Point Farm History
August 20, 2011
We have not had a lot of chances to find out much about the history of Cross Point Farm although we do hope
to be able to accumulate more information as time goes on and we slow down on the actual restoration
Here is what we know so far.
On August 16,2011 I finally made a trip to the Lincoln County court house. I spent several hours looking up old
records and deeds. I was able to follow the deeds all the way back to December 16, 1887 when the property
was sold from John Bryant to his son Charles Bryant. There was no mention of any deeds or property
descriptions prior to this deed so I will have to find another way to follow the ownership of this property prior to
John Bryant. However some of the trim work in the house had John Bryant's name written on it so based on
this I assume I have found the date the home was first occupied. Below is a compilation of conversations with
later generations of the Bryant family as well as following the family tree of the Bryant family and of course
following the deed history which I recently researched.

Cross point Farm is on both sides of Cross Point Rd in Edgecomb Maine. The road was formally called
Modockowando Rd. The road sits on what was once Chase Point. The Chase family owned the entire point
and eventually sold it off in large sections. Each section running from the Shepscott river in Edgecomb to what
is now Rte 27. According to the oldest deed I could find from 1887 the Cross Point Farm property ran from the
river to  Lilly pond. The original house on this property is now up the road a little further and was lived in by
Abigail Chase who lived in to her 90's I would guess and recently passed away. This house went up for sale
recently in the spring of 2011, a photo of this house is shown later on in this section.  As best as we can tell
John Bryant built the house we currently call home for  his son when he married Alice Marie Sawin. It was then
that  the house was sold from John Bryant to his son one of his four children for $1000 on December 16, 1887
with the right for John and his wife Sarah Bryant to live in the house for the "rest of their natural lives". It is a
good thing they put natural in there or we may have some deed issues right now with unknown spirits.
Our neighbor across the street Ruth Bryant grew up in the house and she is now in her late 70's. Ruth would
be the great-great grandchild of John Bryant. Ruth has not been much help on the history of the house but said
she remembered reading somewhere that the house was finished being built in 1877 and moved in to on
January 1st. I gather by the information on the deed that she was off by ten years as 1887 seems to be the
correct date along with the time frame of January 1st.
Talking with Stephen Bryant who is Ruth's nephew I learned that John Bryant was in the funeral business in
Boston so one would assume this was originally a summer place for them.
Most of the items in the house were from the late 1800's so the date of 1887 seems to be correct. The door bell
had a patten date from 1897 and the tile used around the fireplace was from a company in Stokes of Trenton,
England (Minton China works) which also was in business during this time.

The property at one point had three barns on it. Two of the three are still standing. The biggest of the barns has
dates painted in the cupola stating 1890-1903. Some people have said that it looks like the big barn was made
by two barns being brought together but we have no true information on that as of yet. The smaller barn seems
to be the oldest of the two barns. The third barn was a large barn on the same side of the road as the house.
This was a large chicken barn. This barn was newer than the others as it had a concrete foundation which is
still in our yard. We plan to turn that in to a sunken garden some day. Another neighbor said she remembered
every year the Bryant's would clean up the chicken barn and have a skating party in it before they brought in the
new crop of chicks. She was nice enough to drop off a picture of that barn dating back to 1948 or 1949. She
also dropped of another picture of the living room we are guessing which shows a Christmas tree in it from the
1950's. These photos are posted on the link tabs at the top of the page.   Along with the photos she also gave
us a Christmas Cactus which was an off shoot from an original plant in the house. The plant now sits in the
breezeway, not the original house.   
Sometime around 1965 the Giles bought the house and lived in it until we bought it in 2005. Over the years they
sub divided the land and gave pieces to their family members. Brian Giles has the land on Libby pond. Their
daughter has a lot next to the Giles and the Giles abut our property.  At one point someone also sold off the
land behind the barns which runs down to Shore Road and the Shepscott river.
The history of ownership runs as follows from current to past.

On September 12, 2005 John & Patrice Carter bought 204 Cross point Rd from Malcolm and Dot Giles

On September 23, 1965 Malcolm and Dot Giles bought from George & Nathalie Dearborn

On January 24, 1939 George & Nathalie Dearborn bought from Edith P & Frederick Bryant

On November 13, 1914 Edith & Frederick Bryant bought from Brad Redonnett

                  Brad Redonnett bought from Alice Bryant

                  Alice Bryant bought from Ida Sawin

                  Ida Sawin bought from Charles Bryant

                  Charles Bryant bought from John & Sarah Bryant for $1000 and the right for them to live in the house
for the rest of their natural lives on December 16, 1887

It is currently unknown who John Bryant bought the property from although it has been suggested that I look up
the name of Gove. So next time I am bored and head to the court house I will do this.

You will notice that almost everyone was a Bryant or a relative of the Bryant family. I am not sure if the
Redonnett family was  related or not so this is yet another area to search.

That is all we know at this point but we will soon begin to dig and we will update as new information becomes
available. If you know any history of the house or someone who might please contact us.
Thank you
Original house on our property until it was moved down the street
Our house was built facing the road with this house coming off the
back of our house facing the west or what is now Giles Road.