The Process
I first found Cross Point Farm (our name for it) in a real estate magazine. I called
the realtor on a whim and got directions to the house so I could drive by it. My
wife and I had no plans to neither buy a home nor start a project at this moment
in our life. We actually were in the process of finishing up our camp project
which we started four years ago and re-siding our current home.
Other Projects
I drove by the house that afternoon after work. Once I saw it I knew I wanted
it. There was a feeling there that I can not describe to this day. Perhaps if we
ever get to live there I will be able to put a name to this feeling.
After I walked around the property (it was vacant at the time) I went home and
waited  anxiously for my wife to come home from work so I could take her up
there. We drove up that evening and she agreed we needed to look into this
further. Soon after our visit we were up at the property again this time with a
Our first offical visit was on a beautiful summer day. We walked through the
house. There were holes in the walls, cracked plaster everywhere, pieces of
ceiling missing, the floors had not been refinished since it was built, the
electrical system was a fire hazzard at best and the foundation was crumbling.
We loved it !!
The hallway was about 8 feet wide and ran from the front of the house all the
way to the back of the house with a half flying stairway. There was a fireplace
in the living room and the master bedroom. There were stone walls outlining
most of the property. Across the street was two barns connected to each other.
On our first visit we could not see much, as the roughly 9600 square feet or so
of barn space was filled with junk from old engines, to trucks, to boats and
every imaginable object. However of what we could see the barns looked to be
solid and relatively straight.
Outside on the property was a nice collection of more junk cars, boats, engines
and assorted metal and wood products. It was a classic Maine Farm with
nothing ever being thrown out. Our biggest concern was how would the
owners get everything out of there before the closing.
The Beginning
We closed on the property on September 12, 2005. Within a few hours I was
up there cutting back the brush and trees to clear the area around the house.
On October 10, 2005 we started the construction. The first step was to get
Julien in to  remove the old mudroom as it did not fit into our new floor plan.
Then julien and his helpers started to jack the house up.
House Jacking
This process went amazingly quick and smooth. We had wanted to raise
the house foundation by one foot in height and dig the cellar floor out a foot
deeper to give us a 8 foot ceiling height in the basement.However the ledge
they struck had another idea and so we ended up with a 7 foot ceiling height
Once the house was back on the new foundation the mason started to
build the new chimneys. There are two chimneys in the house. Julien
started to build the kitchen addition which will increase the curent
kitchen's length and add a half bath and a laundry room.
The next step is the dormers. Not being of fleet foot and lacking a helper
we hired Julien to venture up on the roof for this project also.Besides my
wife does not like me on tall ladders. This project turned out to cost
more than I orginally estimated. I suppose one should get an actual
estimate instead of guessing what the cost will be on a project, but to
my defense this is the first cost that I miss calculated so far in the
The dormers turned out to be a three week project so I guess the cost
was justified. Looking back at the finished project I am glad we decided
to go ahead and spend the extra money as it changed the look and feel
on the whole house. First of all it opened up the attic so that it was light
and airy. The three dormers along with the four windows already in the
attic bring in a lot of natural light and give the attic a feeling of being an
actual room. We plan on using the attic as a media room since it has a
stairway leading up there.
On the outside of the house the dormers give the house a larger and
more stately look. At the moment the house looks a little top heavy
however when we add the breezeway and barn to the house it will all fall
into proportion.