Sorry about the crude drawing but this was the best I could do without any drafting tools other
than a ruler and a straight edge. This drawing shows the proposed addition to the house. Thus
eliminating the ever lasting questions we get from passer byers "why did you block in the windows
on that side of the house?"
The land naturally slopes down from left to right so the breezeway will sit about two feet lower
than the main house and the carriage house will also take another two foot drop from the
breezeway.We have a planned construction timeframe of September but as of June 30th we still
have no cost estimates back yet from the contractors.
We are excited to get this part of the project going as in Pattie wants a garage for the winter and
as in I am running out of energy and this will be the last major building project I will have to work
on. Well ofcourse there is Phase Four which is the restoration of the barns but by then I should be
rested up once again.
We hope you will continue to follow along as we slowly progress in the complete restoration of
Cross Point Farm.
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